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the butler’s pantry is where the magic happens…

 From the salt I can’t live without, to photography essentials, my go-to iced tea, and cookbooks to drool over,
Here you’ll find a carefully curated list of my favourite things.
These are the bits that make me a better cook, photograper and shopkeeper.
Basically my behind the scenes essentials. Just what every good butlers pantry is known for.

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emma’s top 15


pasta boscaiola in a frypan

everyday co.

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Looking for beautiful backdrops to enhance your food or product and coming up short? Not a photographer but want to take your photos to the next level?  Everyday Co. is my favorite place to go for professional backdrops to use in my photography.


currently reading from my…




spring WARDROBE…


hi there, I'M EMMA

Slow cook, shopkeeper, photographer, emotional eater, wine drinker,  & the one who always brings the good cheese

Welcome to my collection of food stories and recipes from a life in the kitchen

For me, sharing food around a table is one of the best things in life. There’s no fancy, three page recipes here. Just good food to share with others.