Five new cookbooks I need on my bookshelf

I confess. I have a cookbook addiction. Am i alone? I doubt it. I love to sit, on weekends, glass of wine in hand, reading cookbooks. The food, the stories, the people. They’re like novels for me. And with Mother’s Day only a week away, i’ve compiled a list of five new cookbooks i need on my bookshelf. Because you know, it’s best to cover ALL the bases when you’re dropping hints (that’s what screenshots are for)!

a stool with five new cookbooks i need. Pasta Grannies, From our kitchen to yours, Torta Della Nonna, In good company, Red truck Bakery

Red Tractor Bakery – Brian Noyes

Think small, American, country town, bakery goodness. There’s Rise and Shine Biscuits, Howdy Neighbour Muffins, & Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie (oh my!) with chocolate in a pretzel crust. This one had me with it’s cover. A restored, old red, American truck full of apple crates in an orchard. Recipe i can’t wait to try…Sorghum Glazed Pecan Pull Aparts

From our kitchen to yours – Country Women’s Association of Victoria

I’m an absolute sucker for a Country Women’s Association cookbook. They are always full of good, tasty, Australian homemade food and this one is no different. There’s jam drops, cottage pie , rhubarb crunch, tortes, marmalade and even sticky ribs. This is seriously one of the best all round cookbooks i’ve seen in ages. The recipes are short and sweet with little fuss – just the way i like it! It’s also a cracking cookbook to send your kids off with a good cooking foundation when they move out of home. Recipe i can’t wait to try… Chicken Mornay

In good company – Sophie Hansen

If you haven’t discovered Sophie’s cookbooks yet, you are in for such a treat! Sophie is an Orange local, cook, writer, venison farmer and all round star. Her third book is all about sharing simple food, entertaining ideas, and good times. When you have guests coming but you don’t know where to start, this is the book you go to. I’ve cooked quite a bit out of Sophie’s books over the years and the food always just shines. If nothing else, you’ll take away the term “chatter platter” and run with it. It’s Sophie’s version of a grazing plate and just makes perfect sense! Recipe i can’t wait to try… Aromatic Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Torta della Nonna – Emiko Davies

Another of my favourite cookbook authors. I have a few of Emiko’s earlier books (Tortellini by Midnight & Aquacotta) and they are always a goodie. Aside from the recipes (Italian desserts), Emiko’s books always have the most lovely photography. And with our current situation, being transported to Italy with words, photography and beautiful homemade Italian desserts is a definite winner! Recipe i can’t wait to try… Tozzetti Ebraici – Jewish cinnamon biscotti

Pasta Grannies – Vicky Bennison

And finally another Italian cookbook. Because don’t we all wish we had a Nonna? I know growing up i did! Now this one has been out for a while, but it somehow slipped under my radar. Pasta Grannies is all about saving traditions and sharing skills one granny at a time. It’s inspired by the hugely successful Pasta Grannies Youtube channel (which you should totally check out) and is full of good, honest, regional Italian food. Recipe i can’t wait to try… Vanna’s Ciccioneddus with Lamb Ragu

Sending much love this Mother’s Day


So let’s continue on the Italian theme, with some of my favourite pasta posts…

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