How I organized my pantry

Do you dream about wall-to-wall cabinetry in a beautiful and spacious butler’s pantry? Hands up? Me too! I have a Pinterest board full of some serious butler’s pantry eye candy. And as much as I dream about my little pantry piece of heaven, in reality, my postage stamp pantry is 1.8m x 1.2m in size. Not huge. But size doesn’t matter, does it?

I love organizing and thrive in clean, tidy, and organized spaces. Clutter seriously stresses me out! There’s something about any organized pantry that just makes me want to do a little happy dance. And after finally giving my little pantry a revamp, I simply could not stop staring at it. It’s beautiful. Simple, organized, and easy to work in. I’m a little bit in love. Want a peek?

Open pantry shelves with various storage solutions
Open pantry shelves with various storage solutions and electrical appliances
Open pantry shelves with various storage solutions as well as a black hook with an apron and dried herbs hanging from it
larger storage containers with baking dry goods as can storage on open shelves

The bits and bobs

  • Bamboo lazy susan – I have three. They are organized into everyday, oils and vinegars and Asian ingredient. My most used turntable is positioned at eye level for easy, everyday use. It’s home to everything from tomato sauce to vanilla extract. These ones are now discontinued, but this one is a close match. Having a ledge around the edge is an absolute necessity.

  • Mesh baskets These are gorgeous and so practical. I can just throw everything into these to keep all the little bits hidden and tidy.

  • Tiered shelves for canned produce. What a revelation these are!!! While they aren’t the most pretty part of my pantry , they work so well and keep me constantly aware of what’s in stock and what needs replacing. I don’t have a huge amount of canned foods, but I always like to keep a good stockhold of canned tomatoes and baked beans and these shelves keep everything well organized.

  • Oxo Pops The BEST storage containers around.

  • Large Glass Jars for my morning routine. Full of cereals and bickies for lunchboxes.

  • Huge wicker baskets on the floor tucked under the shelves for backstock, root vegetables and kids snacks.

  • Labels. I am totally obsessed with these labels from Pretty Pantry Labels. Best thing about them is that you can totally customize the labels if you are like me and love to have ALL the pasta shapes in your pantry at all times! I also picked up some black labels that hook over baskets and just wrote on them with a white chalkboard pen.

Hope you enjoyed my little pantry revamp. What’s your best pantry organization tip? Tell me in the comments

Emma x

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