A black Le Creuset cast iron Dutch oven with a fish pie in it. A serving has been scooped out revealing the creamy seafood mornay inside.

An oval pan of oven roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes. Fresh rosemary and garden scissors sit beside the pan.

A leg of lamb roasted in a navy blue oval Dutch oven. Fresh garlic and rosemary sit beside alongside a pair of black scissors.

A copper frying pan full of roast lamb gravy. A whisk sits inside the frying pan and fresh rosemary if beside the pan.

A loaf of Irish brown bread with a few slices cut. It sits on a stripe tea towel alongside a small knife and pot of honey.

A black cast iron Dutch oven with a loaf of soda bread in it and a pot of honey beside.

A white cast iron pan with bacon and cheese rolls baked in it.