A jar of whisky caramel sauce on a timber board. A spoon has been dipped in the sauce from above.

A black Le Creuset cast iron Dutch oven with a fish pie in it. A serving has been scooped out revealing the creamy seafood mornay inside.

A black cast iron Dutch oven of beef and Guinness stew. A Couple of pieces of bread are sitting in the side of the pot and fresh rosemary sits in a small bowl to one side.

A loaf of porridge bread with two slices cut sits on a wooden board. A small knife and a bowl of pepitas sit beside on the board.

The cooked beef bourguignon pie with a serving spooned out of it.

A loaf of Irish brown bread with a few slices cut. It sits on a stripe tea towel alongside a small knife and pot of honey.

A black cast iron Dutch oven with a loaf of soda bread in it and a pot of honey beside.

A metal tin full of golden soda bread farls.