A large white enamel dish of ragu lasagna with sage leaves scattered on top. A knife and truss tomatoes sit beside.

A woman feeding a sheet of homemade pasta through a KitchenAid pasta maker.

frypan of slow cooked beef stroganoff with black pepper pappardelle

A bowl of slow cooked rigatoni bolognese on a table alongside a glass of wine.

cast iron frypan full of creamy pesto chicken tortellini with a spoonful eaten out of it.

Flat lay of a creamy tuna pasta bake in a white ceramic oven dish.

a bowl of pesto orzo salad with a whole burrata drizzles with pesto and extra virgin olive oil on top

flatlay of a frypan of slow cooked beef and red wine ragu on a bed of capunti pasta, with parmasean and basil leaves.